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Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga!

Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga!


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Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga!

Curtiss Martin Nove-Noga!
  • About Nove-Noga: Welcome to Nove-Noga. This site is all about Possibilities. Whether you are looking for information and resources to create an Internet Income or seeking other ways to bring about change in your life, I Believe that Nove-Noga may have information of value to you. Nove-Noga is short for Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained and it encompasses the philosophy that, in order to achieve anything we must first DO. This website is for those ready to DO, ready to Venture forth and Succeed. Say it Loud. Say it Proud.
Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga!
  • Seize Your Future Today: Many people are looking for alternative to the ways things have been done in the past. My search for Alternative Work Opportunities led to the creation of this site. Along the way I have found resources for many other Alternatives to traditional methods. Alternate Ways and Means will lead you to Solar Power and Gasoline to Electric Car conversions. The How To section offers ways to turn hobbies into careers. "My! My!" is where I have placed some of the wilder offerings.

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Nove-Noga: Free Means Free!

Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga!
  • One more thing, Throughout the Internet we are being bombarded by offers claiming to be free. Often this means free to look or free to download, pay to use. On this website I will work to identify just how free an offer may be. Look for '*Free Means FREE' to indicate a totally free resource. For an example, see the GIMP icon near the bottom of this page.

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You can continue as you have,
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The Choice is Yours!
Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained

Nove-Noga: Work Opportunities
Nove-Noga: Work Opportunities
I was tired of so many 'Work Opportunities' masquerading as J.O.B.s. I went searching for the ones that were not scams. There are now several selections in this section. Mostly these offer Information, Tools and Access to different types of work. The writing jobs entry offers a great deal of information to help you get started in a productive writing career. Some will even do their best to get you a Job if that is what you want.

Nove-Noga: HowTo Do That Task
Nove-Noga: How to Do That Task
There are many honorable ways to make a living without getting a J.O.B. These offers present resources and information to help you take your current skills and turn them into a moneymaking proposition. Sure you could figure it out by yourself. But, why reinvent the wheel?

Nove-Noga: My! My Isn't That Interesting?
Nove-Noga: My! My! Isn't That Interesting?
Occasionally, I come across something new or interesting. These are some thought provoking presentations that I would like to share. Current Offerings in this area include a link for those interested in home gardening and greenhouses. A source for online legal forms that might prove useful. And, for now, a couple of others that you might find intriguing.

Nove-Noga: Alternative Ways and Means
Nove-Noga: Alternative Ways and Means
With today's economic and environmental concerns, Solar and Wind energy are becoming more available and more important. There are many ways for the individual to make use of these resources today.I found two sources of information on how to convert your car to electicity. Another link provides information on Howto create your own Tesla device.

Nove-Noga: Opporknockity
Nove-Noga: Free Online Opporknockity
I was seriously considering buying into one of the many "Get Rich Quick" schemes that were piling up in my email inbox. Fortunately, while doing my due diligence, I came across an article offering an income opportunity for free. No buy-in, no membership fees. Simply participate in the required number of free or low-cost trial offers and you have the right to present this set of offers to the next group of customers. Many people have been very successful with this project.

Nove-Noga: Advertising Tools
Nove-Noga: Advertising and Traffic Resources
The Internet runs on traffic. A lot of these resources are free. Others offer upgrades and Opportunities. This area will be worth re-visiting. Pay special attention to LinkRerral. It is a very popular traffic exchange site that gives you the opportunity to study other sites and offerings to get Ideas of your own. As I find more useful information, I will be adding it to this page.