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Nove-Noga was created for people who want to Make Money Online. Even if that is not your primary goal, you may find lots of useful Info here. Nove-Noga is short for NOthing VEntured - NOthing GAined. From the Ben Franklin quote, it is our family motto. Whenever the Situation is such that Action is the only path to Success,
I Think Nove-Noga!

In my own Search for an honorable way to make money online, I got tired of the continuous requests for my email address so that I could be added to their list. The information on Nove-Noga is free of that requirement. I don't have a list. I just share

Nove-Noga embraces the philosophy that to achieve anything we must first do.
Not try, mind you. Trying presupposes the possibility of failure. Don't 'try', DO!

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Curtiss Martin Nove-Noga!
  • About Nove-Noga: Welcome to Nove-Noga. This site is all about Possibilities. Whether you are looking for information and resources to create an Internet Income or seeking other ways to bring about change in your life, I Believe that Nove-Noga may have information of value to you. Nove-Noga is short for Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained and it encompasses the philosophy that, in order to achieve anything we must first DO. This website is for those ready to DO, ready to Venture forth and Succeed. Say it Loud. Say it Proud.
Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga!
  • Seize Your Future Today: Many people are looking for alternative to the ways things have been done in the past. My search for Alternative Work Opportunities led to the creation of this site. Along the way I have found resources for many other Alternatives to traditional methods. In the end, it comes down to the Three Basic Activities we indulge in besides having fun.

Nove-Noga: Free Means Free!

Free Means Free!
  • One more thing, Throughout the Internet we are being bombarded by offers claiming to be free. Often this means free to look or free to download, pay to use. On this website I will work to identify just how free an offer may be. Look for '*Free Means FREE' to indicate a totally free resource. For an example, see the GIMP icon near the bottom of this page. For more examples see: Free Means Free! on Facebook.

Nove-Noga: Updates

  • Exciting times are ahead for Nove-Noga. Watch this space for announcements of New Pages or Major Updates. We have just finished recreating the whole site with a New Menu Bar. Check it Out! Every Button and Every Link is Clickable. This will make Navigating Nove-Noga much easier as well as giving you access to much more information.

  • The Shopping Pages are completely new with the Nove-Noga Update. I will be adding options and information as fast as I can. Please check back with us often. You never know what we will come up with next. Nove-Noga!

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