Nothing Ventured
Nothing Gained


Every project begins with a Need.
By application of knowledge, information and skills
We bring our Ideas to reality.

The difference between Information and Knowledge is quite simple.
A book we own but have never read contains information.
Once we have read, understood and applied it,
Then we can consider that knowledge Ours.

Your support of Nove-Noga is greatly appreciated.

May I Share What I Have Learned?

Curtiss Martin Nove-Noga!
  • About Nove-Noga: The only way that we can expect to change our lives is to learn the new skills necessary to make things work. When I started to Learn Internet Marketing, I literally had no clue what I was letting myself in for. I just knew that I needed to make a change. Please allow me to share a few of the things that I have learned along the way. Nove-Noga!
  • Get Started at Nove-Noga.GetStarted I started with a single eMail account, a connection to the Internet and no Idea of what to do next. In the GetStarted sequence of posts at IBO Toolbox, I walk you through the steps from the very beginning.
  • IBO Tip List at Nove-Noga.IBOtipList IBO Toolbox is the greatest resource that I have found on the Internet for anyone interested in Learning Internet Marketing. It is a Community of Independent Business Owners who are willing to share what they have learned and support you in your own efforts. When we support each other, our messages travel farther and faster. The IBOtipList will help you get started with this amazing resource.
  • GIMP Tutorials at Nove-Noga.GIMP Tutorials One of the difficulties as an Internet Marketer, is coming up with the Graphics you need for your various endeavors. While much can be supplied to you, there is a high value to original graphics in whatever you do. In the GIMP Tutorial Info Posts, I share with you what I have learned in using the *Free GIMP tool to make and adapt simple Graphics. All of the Nove-Noga Graphics are created with the Free GIMP Tool.*Free Means Free!
  • Infopost Main MenuInfopost Main Menu You may be wondering what an Infopost is. Like many people, I was using WordPress. It was free and “easy” and it seemed to be the way to go. Until I went to upload some changes to my site only to observe changes that I hadn't made. It took a while for me to track the problem to my WordPress pages at which point my former provider said, “Sure, that's where the problem usually is.” Here is a piece of advice. Do not try a major upgrade on Black Friday. So I accidentally killed my WordPress and my problems went away. Enough was enough. Now I hard code my Infopost(s) and nobody can slip through the backdoor and make changes to my site.

  • I am a computer programmer by nature. My first code was written in the late seventies to be batch processed by a PDP-11/44. It wasn't until my first big program that I learned how to debug my code. I once wrote an accounting program in basic because I did not want to post all my red ink by hand. It did two years' worth of bookkeeping in eight hours. Complete with income statements and balance sheets. I learned about dBase with dBase III+. With Nove-Noga I started out with the basics of html just so I could learn what all the parts were and what they were doing.

  • As I write this, I have just completed my second year with IBO Toolbox. The information obtained over this time is nothing short of amazing. I am dedicated now, more than ever to finding ways for people to make money on the Internet without Having to spend money. Let them learn what works before making Informed Investment decisions. Watch this Page. Put it in your Favorites. There is Much More To Come. Nove-Noga!


A Different Kind of Alternative

IBO Toolbox is so much more than a place to do business promotion.
It provides a forum that almost guarantees a response to your publications.
IBO Toolbox Members earn and use advertising credits
to extend the reach of our promotional message.
Learn and Grow with the information shared
By an amazing group of business persons.
You are Welcome to Join Us.
*Free Means FREE!


ASN Free Business Resources
A WorldWide Opportunity Without Investment.

I am a Proud IBOtizen.



Words To Make You Think

You are Responsible
For your own Success.
The Choices you make
And the Action you take
Determine the Course of Your Future.
You can continue as you have,
Changing nothing,
Or you can Sieze Control
Of Your Own Destiny.
The Choice is Yours!
Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained

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